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JANEEN CAMERON (ADMINICLE) Janeen came into my working and personal life (thankfully) early in 2005 when I was searching for an MYOB trainer. She very capably taught me the MYOB Accounting System to assist setting up our school’s accounts and payroll. I had used MYOB prior to 2005 for a period of three months back in 1996 and of course had forgotten most of it by 2005 with lack of use. I must admit that Janeen is a very patient and capable MYOB user and trainer and she would train me on a fortnightly basis in the beginning and my training has now progressed to three years later with only a couple of hours every quarter for producing my BAS figures for the Taxation Department. Not only have I learnt the MYOB package but also so much basic accounting skills and practices from her and I look forward to each visit with the thought of increasing my accounting knowledge further. Our school has been successful in attaining several government grants from the Block Grant Authority under the Commonwealth Government ($57,000 / $655,000 / and two for $75,000 each) and Janeen has progressed me to a confidence level of managing these grants myself and having them audited by a professional and qualified Auditor. Janeen has provided MYOB assistance in relation to setting up and processing the school’s payroll (16 employees), monthly IAS, quarterly BAS and annual Audits to say the least. I am very happy to know Janeen not only as a MYOB consultant but more importantly as a friend.