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MYOB or QuickBooks: We help you get it right.

photo_382_20051108Has your business invested in a program like MYOB or QuickBooks – but you’re not sure you’re using it properly?

You’ve discovered a simple fact:

Buying the software doesn’t make you a bookkeeper!

These bookkeeping packages are extremely powerful, and used properly they can save you time, automate crucial processes, help you provide accurate information to your accountant and the tax office, and give you a complete picture of your cashflow.

But to do all this, you need the right training. That’s where Adminicle Business Services comes in: we’re not just experts in using these programs ourselves, we’re experts at teaching people how to use them correctly and get the most from them.

With our tailored training, advice, and ongoing support, you and your staff will get simple, easy to understand systems, and the confidence of knowing you’re doing things right and won’t be getting any nasty surprises down the road.

A full range of training options

All our training is tailored for your needs and can be delivered either at our training facility or at your workplace. Some of our most popular courses for small businesses include:

  • Bookkeeping using MYOB
  • Bookkeeping using QuickBooks
  • Advanced bookkeeping – inventory, job tracking, multicurrency
  • Get financially organised
  • Checklists outlining daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly tasks to be completed.
  • Advanced payroll
  • Getting it right – simplifying your BAS