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I just wanted to write and thank you for the work you have done for my business. It’s been a great eye-opener realising how cost effective it has been to outsource my bookkeeping.
Before working with Adminicle I would spend more than half a day every month trying unsuccessfully, to make my books reconcile. But now with your satchel return system it’s just But now with your satchel return system it’s just upload the back-up file, drop off the paperwork and the whole thing is done – that gives me more time to work with my clients addiing value to their business and to mine.
In summary, the three most important benefits I have found in working with Adminicle are;
1. I now have more time to focus on what my business does and make my business more successful.
2. Adminicle is not just a bookkeeping service, you include analysis of my books and this adds hard dollars to my business
3. Adminicle is a ‘set and forget service’. You take ownership of my books, liaise efficiently with my Accountant and keep me informed all along the way.
Again, thank you Janeen for helping me and my business grow.
Bruce Frame